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Post Code Master Product Features:

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Large bright easy to read display

Power supply monitoring LEDs for: +3.3V +5V.

A CLOCK LED shows the presence of the bus CLOCK signal.

If the CLOCK is stuck high or low, the LED will not light.

The RESET condition is indicated by "--" in the display.

A built in SEGMENT TEST feature allows you to test the display functions of the card. This assures you that the card is functioning properly and that the codes displayed are accurate.

Utilizes advanced single chip gate array technology for reliability.


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────── Post Code Master Products For Sale ──────

For Desktop PCs with PCI bus
EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - Works in both 5V & 3.3V slots!

Part # PCIPCM-15 $28

For Notebook computers with Mini_PCI bus

Part # MINIPCM-10 $35

For PCI bus, sends POST codes out its own serial port!

Part # PCIPCM-100 $100

For older PCs with ISA bus

Part # PCM-10 $25

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