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Dell Dimension XPS H233 XPS H266 Beep Codes

  • 1 Memory refresh failure. Defective system board. Note: It is normal for the computer to emit a single beep during the boot routine. This beep is not considered a beep code unless the computer is unable to complete the boot routine.
  • 2 Memory parity error. Faulty SIMM or defective system board.
  • 3 Memory failure in the first 64 KB of RAM. Faulty SIMM.
  • 4 Timer failure. Faulty SIMM or defective system board.
  • 5 Microprocessor error. Defective microprocessor.
  • 6 Gate A20 failure. Defective system board.
  • 7 Microprocessor-exception interrupt error. Defective microprocessor.
  • 8 Video memory read/write error. Missing or faulty video adapter. Non fatal, boot can continue.
  • 9 ROM checksum error. Corrupted system BIOS program or defective system BIOS chip.
  • 10 NVRAM shutdown register read/write error. Defective system board.
  • 11 Cache memory error. Defective microprocessor.
  • 1 - 2 No video card installed. Missing or faulty video adapter.
  • 1 - 3 No monitor connected. Disconnected or faulty monitor.
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